First Artist in Space

ART SPACE FOR SPACE ART is a unique art event in space and a global initiative to define the flag for the universe – a historic project for our humankind.

You might ask yourself what is the link between art and space? Space and the dream to find a second earth in the universe always carried a tremendous fascination for people, while the desire to dive into a new world is also an important task of art. The way we explore the galaxy is changing dramatically since the last years with huge private investments of visionaries. Now it gets time for the “Space 2.0” mission of contemporary art. The initiating artist Bjoern Thomas will trigger this by executing, maybe as first artist in the world, an art project in space. “SPACE ART” should not only geographically widen the horizon of the human world and might inspire also next generations. The ambitious initiative offers an opportunity to take actively part in an unique cultural event which is also uniting nations and underlines in parallel the beauty of our planet earth. Artists from all over the world are requested to offer a proposal for the flag of the universe. A high caliber committee selects the “SPACE FLAG” from all proposals while leading technology firms will help to realize this ambitious art project in space and in a desert and in space.

The “Art Space” photo shooting at the Mojave Desert (close to L.A.) took place on October 4th 2015. Just watch the video or webpage for further details. http://art-space-for-space-art.com/?page_id=2033

A personal message to you

Content by “Bjoern Thomas”

Watch the webpage www.art-space-for-space-art.com and video https://vimeo.com/86936992 for further details regarding this unique global space art initiative. Please contact info@art-space-for-space-art.com for further questions.